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AliExpress Stops Shipping to Indonesia: New Regulations and Their Impact on Global Trade

The issue with the delivery of goods from AliExpress to Indonesia is related to new regulations introduced by the Indonesian Ministry of Trade. According to Regulation No. 31 for the year 2023, official restrictions have been imposed on transnational internet retailers selling imported goods priced below $100 USD (approximately 1.5 million Indonesian rupiahs). The aim of this regulation is to protect local small and medium enterprises from competition with foreign online retailers, especially AliExpress.

Despite these regulations, it's not entirely clear why AliExpress has stopped delivering to Indonesia. Even when attempting to purchase items on AliExpress above the specified limit, the option to select Indonesia as the delivery country is absent from the dropdown menu, indicating possible additional reasons for the cessation of delivery, beyond the mentioned regulations.

For Indonesian entrepreneurs and consumers who previously relied on AliExpress to import goods, parts, or raw materials not available in the local market, this poses a serious problem. They now need to seek alternative platforms or solutions to continue their activities.

As an alternative to AliExpress, there are several other international online retailers that deliver to Indonesia, including Banggood, Gearbest, Best Buy, and eBay. These platforms offer services and prices comparable to AliExpress. However, it's important to check user reviews, delivery policies, payment terms, and import tax rules before purchasing from these foreign platforms to avoid unforeseen delivery issues and additional expenses.

In conclusion, the cessation of AliExpress deliveries to Indonesia is linked to new trade regulations aimed at protecting local enterprises, and the inability to select Indonesia as a delivery destination on AliExpress indicates other complicating factors. For those affected by this change, using alternative international online retailers is an effective option to continue accessing necessary goods.

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